Posted by: Peter Scott | October 28, 2008

End of summer time

Last Sunday was the end of the daylight saving scheme that goes in these parts by the name of British Summer Time, today 2 days past the end of summertime it snows!

I don’t recall snow so far south in October. Oh well it gives me something to write about!

Posted by: Peter Scott | August 27, 2008


Seemed to have spent a lot of August travelling. A short-term engagement in a Nordic country and the family vacation let me put on more than my fair share of air miles. The final flight (I hope!) of the month was yesterday when I took my 17-year old to Aberdeen to visit the university. It seems so tiring to get the 7:00 AM flight and then spend most of the day walking around before the 8 PM flight home. Still it was a great day out and nice to get back to Scotland. My Daughter loved the University, so who knows, Aberdeen may become a regular destination for me!

Posted by: Peter Scott | July 14, 2008

Oh, I am still around!

Not written much for a while – or so a dear friend tells me in an email

I have been busy with some consultancy for a non-BI customer and then several days learning to deliver a training course that a colleague produced; well at least build my virtual machines for the exercises and making sure that I can get the examples to work. I also learned how to shrink a VMWare Fusion virtual machine when there is not enough free diskspace on the host to use the shrink tool!

So, what goes on at Scott Towers? The elder girl is looking at colleges for 2009 and like all teenagers wants to get as far as possible from home – in the UK that is not that far, but she has ambitions – OK, she has now decided against going to Canada to study on cost grounds, but her potential choices in Cornwall, Scotland and North Wales are all a long drive from here. Be glad when the last open day is done!!!

Before she goes to university there is that final year of school. She has started to ask me for help checking her work for chemistry (I knew that degree of mine would be useful one day) and asking for help on her database project for IT… think though she is asking the wrong person for help on normalisation (I said that to prevent others – Doug – from doing so!)

Posted by: Peter Scott | May 23, 2008

A time not to shop

It’s a holiday weekend in England and that means our local shopping centre is hosting yet another collector’s fair. Unlike the others there will not be a Dalek, Wookie, Blake’s-7 cast member in sight, and probably none of those autograph hunters that actually look like Vogons, Klingons or extras from the Lord of the Rings. Instead, it is a collection of geriatric retired sportsmen (but probably still fitter than me!)

I guess my colleague, Mr R, will be impressed that some of Spurs UEFA Cup winning team will be there (was 1963 really the last time Spurs won anything 😉 ) it impresses me too as Jimmy Greaves’ aunt used to live a couple of houses from me and Terry Dyson used to teach sport at my old school – maybe I’ll go and look them up… maybe not.

Posted by: Peter Scott | May 13, 2008

I really need to get a new passport!

I am currently in Paris getting ready to participate in a training course – makes a change to be trained, usually I am the one doing the training.

For me, getting to Paris is simple, I walk to my local station (less than ten minutes), catch a train to London (about 30 minutes) then the short walk to the Eurostar terminal and catch the Paris train. Less than two and a half hours later I would be walking in Parisian streets on my way to the hotel. The same journey by air would be a lot more convoluted with driving, parking and airport shuttle buses added into the mix. And if I go with a budget carrier no food – unlike my ticket today which gave me a meal and wine on the journey and way too much coffee.

So why do I need a new passport, well it’s got a couple of years to go before it expires, it is machine readable so I can get in the USA on a visa waver but the significant thing is the photograph – today the French border police took one look and smirked…

If only we were in Schengen zone then I would not have such hassle!

Posted by: Peter Scott | December 16, 2007

Dark Sundays

Here I sit in a hotel lobby about one day’s travel (including several hours in a plane) from home. It is cold, wet and stormy outside and if the sun was going to shine today it would only just be peeking it’s head above the horizon (and that is nearly noon!) I guess that I won’t go downtown shopping today. Still I can catch up on my writing (not blogging) – I have two presentation proposals to get in (one down, one to go) and a DW article for a web-publication, and a proposal for another piece for somewhere else…

I have been out here for a few days on a DW development assignment and look likely to be back out here for part of January too. It is is interesting work, and a nice mix of OWB and design work.

Posted by: Peter Scott | October 1, 2007

Food for thought

My elder child is only two years away from leaving home to go to college (I hope). So we have been working hard on the one key-skill a student requires to be a social success, the ability to cook. Here, I am not talking about dinner parties and high-art food, but the basic, simple and cheap fare that a student not living in college needs to survive.

Becoming a competent cook requires confidence in your abilities and that comes through practice; so for two meals a week number one child slaves over a hot stove turning out food for the staving Scott family. Things are definitely improving she has moved from a serial technique where first the pasta and then the sauce was cooked and allowed to cool whilst the parmesan cheese grated, to a true parallel mode where multitasking is the order of the day and the food arrives both promptly and hot. The other week we had homemade garlic bread, salad, fresh pasta and cheese sauce. It did taste good.

Sometimes, I skip a meal and just go for a quick snack; Friday I quite fancied toast (almost charcoal-black) with butter and raspberry jam (or jelly for the majority of my readers) Did you know that garlic and raspberry is an unusual flavour combination. Note to self – suggest that Hannah uses a different (and clean) knife to measure out the butter for garlic butter.

Posted by: Peter Scott | July 30, 2007


This morning I found the mystery set of key strokes / mouse actions that managed to delete my pending / unclassified mail folder in Firefox Thunderbird (see comment below). Don’t know how it happened but, quite a lot of personal email vanished – so if you have emailed me and I have not replied – then please drop me a line again

On a day when I read that two reasonably large IT services companies are about to be acquired (Xansia by Steria and Getronics by KPN) it is nice to read that a newcomer is picking up enough work to look for extra staff. If you are passionate about BI give Mark a shout – but don’t forget Mark is looking for experience, credibility and self-reliance

Posted by: Peter Scott | July 25, 2007

Good Fortune

Those that know me well will know that I have a puritanical streak that makes me resist sweepstakes, lotteries, and putting the odd 50p on Manchester City getting a Swedish manager. Those who know me less well know that think I have deep pockets and short arms, which is why I never get a round of drinks in.

So what kind of good fortune does a non-gambler get? Firstly my utility company (the one that Jeff Moss is building a data warehouse for) gave me an unexpected (large) refund (OK, it was already my money, but getting it back was good) and a reduction on my monthly payments. Then the satellite TV provider (strangely, the one where Doug Burns used to work) invited me to try all of their channels (including sports and movies) completely free of charge for three months and also gave me £50 in high street store vouchers to do so. And finally we had the call from the city council telling us that we had the best ‘newcomer’ garden in Milton Keynes and will receive our prize from the mayor; followed by another call asking how we wanted the trophy inscribed.

To be honest I do like those promotions that give away something of value for trying a product whether you purchase or not. A few years ago Mercedes Benz gave me £25 pounds of gardening vouchers just for test driving a car, and Volvo gave me a Sony Walkman for a similar exercise, all I need do now is to find the promotion that gives me the gift without even having the hassle of trying the product.

I have been taking a few days off work – it is the first week of the English school holidays and we arranged a grand parent visit to cheer up the children. So for the past few days only the occasional thought about BI architecture has passed my mind. Back to work tomorrow and on with next few projects, a database upgrade and a the high level design of a couple of new systems… it will keep me off the streets for a few days, but might prompt some random musing or other.

Posted by: Peter Scott | April 9, 2007

Holiday weekend

The problem with a four-day weekend with no rain is the the domestic expectation that I would be working in the garden or hauling materials from the local DIY supermarket. And so it was this weekend.

In June we, along with five other local households will be opening our gardens to the public to raise funds for charity. The whole weekend is part of the NGS scheme so will be advertised nationally. I suspect that we took leave of our senses when we put ourselves forward to be included in our village garden festival weekend. And looking at the work we needed to do this weekend only confirms that opinion.

So, I have painted the summerhouse, tens of metres of fencing and trellis, and various body parts. Re-gravelled a couple of borders. Mixed various sand, soil and compost mixtures to improve flower beds and to level lawns that look grossly inadequate after a winter of neglect. The next challenge is decide how to replace a terminally-ill bush that last year was the focal point to the garden.

Oh, we also found time to host the Easter Bunny and the egg hunt (I would have thought that teenagers would have found something better to do – like help out in with the work)

Otherwise I would have had time to blog about constraints and indexes in data warehouses.

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