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The opinions I express in my Blog are my own and not necessarily those of my employer or its customers.

I have been blogging for many, many years. At first my blog was a mix highly technical articles in my specialist subject area (or rather areas as I have a wide spread of interests around data, intelligence (both business and governmental) and databases). When I joined Rittman Mead many of my technical blogs where syndicated there and new technical material created there. When I left Rittman Mead I made a decision to split my blog into two parts – a new technical blog which has all my pre-Rittman Mead technical content and all my new technical writing and this blog which is a more personal, sometimes political platform. 

Currently, all new material is non technical.

Once a research chemist, but migrated into IT at an early age. I have worked in start-ups, small SI houses, development consultancies and global IT services companies. In 2015 I left Accenture to start up my own specialist consultancy to assist other consultancies world wide.

Bloggers meal UKOUG 05 - Photo by Tom Kyte – photo by Tom Kyte

If you want to contact me use the form below, if you want to engage me on a BI or DW assignment please pop over to http://dwpetetechnical.wordpress.com and contact me through that blog

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