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The opinions I express in my Blog are my own and not necessarily those of my employer or its customers.

Most of the technical writings here are based on my professional interest in business intelligence and data warehousing with an emphasis on DW design and data modelling. The majority of them have been copied to my employer’s corporate blog

Currently, all new material is non technical.

Once a research chemist, but migrated into IT at an early age. I have worked in start-ups, small SI houses, development consultancies and a global IT services company. I now work at Rittman Mead Consulting, a leading UK based BI consultancy.

Bloggers meal UKOUG 05 - Photo by Tom Kyte – photo by Tom Kyte

If you want to contact me use the form below, if you want to engage me on a BI or DW assignment then email Rittman Mead 


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