Posted by: Peter Scott | May 7, 2015

Spring, Tulips but not Amsterdam

Scott Towers is located in village about 5 minutes from the beach. It is also just 35 minutes from the English end of the channel tunnel (even less from Dover). So short breaks to mainland Europe are just a short drive away.

Last weekend we set off to see the Tulips at Keukenhof and on the way stock up with bargain Belgium petrol. 

I love gardens, especially those that I don’t have to maintain. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a reluctant gardener – I won best Garden in Milton Keynes one year. Seeing the labours of others is another thing, and lovely thing at that.

The Netherlands are famed for tulips even Max Bygraves sung of them and Amsterdam. I have seen the displays of tulip bulbs for sale at Schiphol Airport and at the flower market in Amsterdam. What I was not prepared for were the field upon field of vibrant coloured tulips, a crop for picking as cut flowers or to mature into bulbs for people to grow in the following seasons. Nothing though was preparation for Keukenhof Gardens. Wall to wall people, wall to wall flowers

IMG 0951

IMG 0947

IMG 0949

IMG 0945

IMG 0940

IMG 0934

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