Posted by: Peter Scott | March 19, 2010

Is location aware internet content a good idea?

I am sitting in a train travelling to the North West of England and using the at seat wifi connection. This service is provided by T-Mobile, a brand with a global presence an major UK mobile operator. “So what?” I hear you say, the problem is that the internet connection from the train surfaces in Germany – and hence I get Google Deutschland, LinkedIn and Facebook with German Language content, all of which I can cope with – but what drives me nuts is that I for some sites content is blocked that is not relevant to the ISP location and that is not my location…



  1. you get swedish if you’re on the east coast mainline 🙂
    not found the location-based blocking though, just a very confusing google homepage.

    • The BBC does sometimes on media streams… but watching streamed news on wifi on the train is a silly thing to want to do.

  2. Yep, Known Issue.
    East Coast seem to go via some “Nordic Sattelite” (latency
    !), and some hotels use iBahn which seems to be Austrian or German.

    Hey, I live in Belgum, and have to catch BBC items on TV (we only have BBC1 here – so not topgear), or forget about them. No viewing of UK content here either. grrrr.

    • When I used to work for *that* Dutch company our office internet surfaced in England, Italy or Massachusetts , USA… a quick access of Google,com told me where I was 🙂

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