Posted by: Peter Scott | November 18, 2008

Athens (Greece)

I am very conscious that I have not posted much on this blog recently. In part the technical stuff has been surfaced through the company blog – I get in to trouble if I say Mark’s blog because it is the company one now, an in part because of a load of domestic events have stifled my available creative time.

Still, on-site with a customer in Greece has given me an unexpected amount of online-in-the-hotel-in-the-evening time which I can fill with research or just writing this stuff.

I had always wanted to visit Greece but as I am not a sand-n-sea person it would not be for the islands and beaches, but more the ancient history. So working here and having a weekend in Athens (and not one where I am scheduled to fly to London or San Francisco – which is the case for all the other weekends before Christmas) gave me the ideal chance to see the Acropolis and other historic sites nearby. Put simply, I was stunned by it all. The scale of things, the age of things… the sophistication of the art and the science. It makes you wonder why or how Western Civilisation did nothing from before the fall of Rome until, well, 160 years ago.

I think I can understand the concept of the Grand Tour now!



  1. Yes we should have got more done before 1848. If only we’d had a Renaissance or something.

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