Posted by: Peter Scott | May 23, 2008

A time not to shop

It’s a holiday weekend in England and that means our local shopping centre is hosting yet another collector’s fair. Unlike the others there will not be a Dalek, Wookie, Blake’s-7 cast member in sight, and probably none of those autograph hunters that actually look like Vogons, Klingons or extras from the Lord of the Rings. Instead, it is a collection of geriatric retired sportsmen (but probably still fitter than me!)

I guess my colleague, Mr R, will be impressed that some of Spurs UEFA Cup winning team will be there (was 1963 really the last time Spurs won anything 😉 ) it impresses me too as Jimmy Greaves’ aunt used to live a couple of houses from me and Terry Dyson used to teach sport at my old school – maybe I’ll go and look them up… maybe not.


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