Posted by: Peter Scott | December 16, 2007

Dark Sundays

Here I sit in a hotel lobby about one day’s travel (including several hours in a plane) from home. It is cold, wet and stormy outside and if the sun was going to shine today it would only just be peeking it’s head above the horizon (and that is nearly noon!) I guess that I won’t go downtown shopping today. Still I can catch up on my writing (not blogging) – I have two presentation proposals to get in (one down, one to go) and a DW article for a web-publication, and a proposal for another piece for somewhere else…

I have been out here for a few days on a DW development assignment and look likely to be back out here for part of January too. It is is interesting work, and a nice mix of OWB and design work.



  1. Good lack there.
    Mate, you can’t imagine what’s going on here in Ottawa – so much show that I’m not sure if sun came up today here either… I finished shoveling couple hours ago – it was like 4-5 hours job for the whole family – but it seems it’s time to get back to it if I want to get out tomorrow.

    PS: I hope you didn’t forget your torch. 😉

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