Posted by: Peter Scott | October 1, 2007

Food for thought

My elder child is only two years away from leaving home to go to college (I hope). So we have been working hard on the one key-skill a student requires to be a social success, the ability to cook. Here, I am not talking about dinner parties and high-art food, but the basic, simple and cheap fare that a student not living in college needs to survive.

Becoming a competent cook requires confidence in your abilities and that comes through practice; so for two meals a week number one child slaves over a hot stove turning out food for the staving Scott family. Things are definitely improving she has moved from a serial technique where first the pasta and then the sauce was cooked and allowed to cool whilst the parmesan cheese grated, to a true parallel mode where multitasking is the order of the day and the food arrives both promptly and hot. The other week we had homemade garlic bread, salad, fresh pasta and cheese sauce. It did taste good.

Sometimes, I skip a meal and just go for a quick snack; Friday I quite fancied toast (almost charcoal-black) with butter and raspberry jam (or jelly for the majority of my readers) Did you know that garlic and raspberry is an unusual flavour combination. Note to self – suggest that Hannah uses a different (and clean) knife to measure out the butter for garlic butter.



  1. I must admit I’m blessed with an excellent bruschetta and a few other similar gourmet dishes: Sarah is a bit of a fussy cook and won’t settle for simple stuff, like spag-bol. Which many times is all we asked for!
    Spending the night waiting for miss cook to reach culinary nirvana is not my idea of fun…

  2. > garlic and raspberry is an unusual flavour combination
    I recommend cheddar cheese and strawberry jam.

  3. How about peanutbutter and jam? A local favorite for some (not me!).

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