Posted by: Peter Scott | July 30, 2007


This morning I found the mystery set of key strokes / mouse actions that managed to delete my pending / unclassified mail folder in Firefox Thunderbird (see comment below). Don’t know how it happened but, quite a lot of personal email vanished – so if you have emailed me and I have not replied – then please drop me a line again

On a day when I read that two reasonably large IT services companies are about to be acquired (Xansia by Steria and Getronics by KPN) it is nice to read that a newcomer is picking up enough work to look for extra staff. If you are passionate about BI give Mark a shout – but don’t forget Mark is looking for experience, credibility and self-reliance



  1. Pete

    Which FF plugin are you using to read email ? Or are you doing something fancy with Yahoo Pipes, Web 2.0 and an RSS feed ?

    Curious of London.

  2. Opps indeed Mr Curious of London; I meant to have typed Thunderbird… now corrected.

    Shamefaced of MK

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