Posted by: Peter Scott | April 9, 2007

Holiday weekend

The problem with a four-day weekend with no rain is the the domestic expectation that I would be working in the garden or hauling materials from the local DIY supermarket. And so it was this weekend.

In June we, along with five other local households will be opening our gardens to the public to raise funds for charity. The whole weekend is part of the NGS scheme so will be advertised nationally. I suspect that we took leave of our senses when we put ourselves forward to be included in our village garden festival weekend. And looking at the work we needed to do this weekend only confirms that opinion.

So, I have painted the summerhouse, tens of metres of fencing and trellis, and various body parts. Re-gravelled a couple of borders. Mixed various sand, soil and compost mixtures to improve flower beds and to level lawns that look grossly inadequate after a winter of neglect. The next challenge is decide how to replace a terminally-ill bush that last year was the focal point to the garden.

Oh, we also found time to host the Easter Bunny and the egg hunt (I would have thought that teenagers would have found something better to do – like help out in with the work)

Otherwise I would have had time to blog about constraints and indexes in data warehouses.


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