Posted by: Peter Scott | December 6, 2006

Ever have "one of those days"?

I joined my current employer by way of a merger almost two years ago. For some while my operating unit kept its original corporate network and PC supplier, the only real change was an email migration from our old domain to the global company domain. My team where migrated to the new company network about six months ago and in the pragmatic, cost conscious way of IT we kept our existing laptop PCs. My laptop is quite good, WiFi, Bluetooth, buckets of RAM, fairly new, but made by company ‘Y’; the corporate standard is brand ‘X’ with a standard global base software build. All was well until last night when someone reconfigured the network to shut down all PCs that are not standard build. Time lost – two hours

I normally skip the staff restaurant at lunchtime, not because the food is bad but more that my slim physique requires constant attention least I look like someone from Michelin (that is Bibendum and not a reviewer for the restaurant guide). However, today was a festive lunch and social niceties required my presence. Besides three courses, coffee, chocolates for GBP6 (or USD12) is a bargain. Halfway through lunch the building lost all power and the generator did not kick in for ten minutes, eating in the semi-dark meant that I did not spot the mustard seeds in the cabbage. I am allergic to mustard; fortunately I did not each much mustard so I only had mild problems. Even so it meant I had to cancel a customer conference and go and lie down for a few hours. Time lost – three hours.



  1. aattacked by worm that uses windows VPN due to high management not being technical AND not reading woarnings from IT… time lost… well i didn’t loose any due to my boxes being down because i don’t use any MS products, but everybody else did…oh about 2 days now.

  2. I’m allergic to poultry. I get burned by that from time to time and yeah, it ruins your day.

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