Posted by: Peter Scott | November 7, 2006

Creative writing

In addition to being a good DW PL/SQL developer and DBA one of my team is also a writer of fiction. He is quite good at this, three books published so far (and with good reviews in UK serious national press), and occasional appearances at literary festivals.

This creativity also flows into reasons he does not get in to the office every day. To be fair, I don’t expect my team to show up in the office five days a week – we all have ADSL or better and working from home is pragmatic and saves the planet a load of unnecessary hydrocarbon use. But on the no-show days when I do expect him to appear I get some good creative reasons:

  • I took the dogs for a late walk last night when they found some road-kill; they must have eaten some as they have now got gastroenteritis; so I have to clean the kitchen, again!
  • I could not find any clean underwear
  • The sole has fallen off my shoe, so I need to by new shoes before coming in
  • My son says he has to bring in things beginning with N, J, and Z. Cannot find a Z (resort to a lion, a monkey, and a rhino = “zoo”)

All original, if not suspect. But as he gets the assigned work done I don’t mind too much.



  1. With Christmas coming up it’s the perfect time to consider gifts of toy zebras and xylophones.

  2. Never ever counter creativity, you never know when you’ll need it around you!

  3. Does this “creative” employee of yours read your blog? If so, perhaps this is your subtle way of raising the issue?


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