Posted by: Peter Scott | October 5, 2006

Developing comedians

One of things I constantly fail in is to take life as seriously as some folk expect me to. It’s not that life is not serious, there is lot going on in this world that concerns me greatly, but sometimes personal opinion is best kept that, personal. I have blogged in the past that I would love to do stand-up, I think I have that quick wit and sense of humour that will work well with an audience, my wife and kids don’t agree though. But nurturing a sense of humour in my children is a worthy second best to becoming a comedian.

We also like to talk to the children and check out they relate the stuff they learn in school to the world around them, mealtimes we often challenge them with science, geography, algebra and even English and music. Tonight the elder girl was under the spotlight.

Apart from non-stick cookware, what else is Teflon used for?

Teflon was used in early 1980’s for road surfaces, it was not very successful. There are however three outback roads in Australia that still have a Teflon surface

A completely surreal answer, but supported by fact to give that feel of pure truth. And given that she once told us that 83.7% of statistics are made up gives us confidence that someone in the family might have a better chance at comedy than me, guess I should stick to the day job



  1. only 3? thought they ALL were teflon-coated…

  2. My somewhat-distant cousins Eric and Bill:

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