Posted by: Peter Scott | September 7, 2006

A mid-week miscellany

They say that travel broadens the mind but after a week of somewhat longer than usual road trips I suspect other things become broader too.

Yesterday I had a meeting to discuss how we could BI as an embedded component of one of our service offers. For some strange reason we met at one of our data centres in the North West of England, equally strangely the whole team I met were in my office today – now that would have saved me six hours of driving. Now two questions:

  • Why is the conference room so cold that even the penguins wear coats and scarves?
  • Why are high availability sites built on the flight path for international airports, below railway bridges and adjacent to chemical plants? and how does this minimise risk?

Today was one of my Birmingham days – but instead of taking the train I had to pick up a colleague and drive… oh, how I hate driving in Birmingham – the major road from the motorway is shut so I have a complex route to follow passed the bleak industrial bits and when I get to the centre I find major reconstruction and the last quarter mile taking  25 minutes.

I have to go back to Birmingham again on Sunday – my daughter wants to go to a gig in the centre and asked for a lift – so now I need to find a sober way to entertain myself (and possibly my wife) while we while away three hours.

In a comment here, Doug Burns rehashes his old idea that data warehouse folk are witches. Well I Googled “witchcraft intelligence” and found a “Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy” wiki reference and not much else so probably Doug is wrong on this. I suspect Doug is just surprised that people actually talk to me; after all I have that sort of career profile that alienates 120% of the DBA population

  • Not a DBA, more of a developer
  • Works with data warehouses (it’s not that special really, it’s just that we break some of the ‘”rules”)
  • Uses big databases
  • Work for a company with a significant out sourcing division
  • Is a manager and not one of the boys
  • Has appalling dress sense (not too sure about that one 😉 )

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