Posted by: Peter Scott | August 30, 2006

End of blog silence

Summer holiday over, and back to the office tomorrow – the ploy of leaving a greeting on both my cell-phone and office phone saying that I was completely out of contact seemed to work – I had no phone messages waiting and the out-of-office email response telling people not even to try to leave a voice message but to refer all queries to my teams (or boss) also worked well – I only have 99 mails in the in-box to make my way through tomorrow morning.

We had a great time in Norway, and apart from Bergen, where it always rains, had dry and unseasonably warm weather. Wisely, it seems, we chose not to fly from London but opted for the indirect route from Birmingham via Copenhagen to Bergen. Our final destination at the Eastern end of the NordFjord was a 5.5 hour express boat tip from Bergen and a 1.5 hour road journey.

For a change, this year I have returned tanned – people that know me will confirm that I get sun burn in rain, but the low, Northern sun and long days in the open have given me a bronzy hue. Most of the days were spent on water, either on the fjord or in the pool, but I also spent time in the mountains and glaciers.

Little known holiday facts

  • Insect bite cream makes a good lubricant for squeaky pedlo pedals
  • Getting smacked on the shin by a mountain bike pedal hurts
  • My wife has an inability to see contour lines on a map; that 1km short walk she proposed had a 700m climb.
  • Just vegetables is not a vegetarian menu option

Just to prove I made it to the top of Skala – 1850m of climb and 10km of walk in 3.75 hours. And then it was time to walk back to the sea!



  1. Welcome back, Pete. I missed you 😉

  2. So kind, Doug

    Are you sure you are not a DW-DBA? 😉

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