Posted by: Peter Scott | August 10, 2006

Is there anything I can tell you?

As soon as I asked I knew that was a silly thing to do. But as managers you just to have to take it on the chin sometimes. But all of my reading of the corporate spin guide (ok, made that bit up we either don’t have one or nobody has told me) did not prepare my for this.

Do we pay the office owner for water in the cooler? If so it seems to be going down too fast for the number in the office, perhaps someone is stealing it when we are not around

Ho-hum… Now should I visit these guys more or less often?

When we had an office in central London we had a soda machine with massively subsidised prices (half of the street price) Every morning the machine was empty – the office cleaners where buying it and selling it on.



  1. Time to institute a scheme of paying with tokens, I’d say.

  2. Oh my goodness — pretty soon they’d be charging you for the space you occupy. 😉

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