Posted by: Peter Scott | August 3, 2006

I think I’ll read a book too

Perhaps it is a summer thing but there seems to be a lot written in last few days about sitting around and reading, be it on planes, home or just in the office. I am quite looking forward to my break (assuming I haven’t already taken it – WordPress allows me to date my blogs into the future for them to appear when the mystic date-time triggers) and the chance to broaden my mind a bit with a good read and of course not thinking about work will give me the space I need. There’s a lot going on just now that is un-blogable and a bit reflection time would do me some good.

Last year I was tipped off about burglars reading my Blog and deciding to leg it with the family silver or my 1970’s progressive rock vinyl collection or more likely the garden furniture. So now I do not advertise my absence in advance.



  1. Cool feature! I may have to think about switching…..

    You’re wise not to advertise your absence. Either that, or get a house like ours — retired neighbors on each side and two homes of policemen within a 1-block radius.

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