Posted by: Peter Scott | July 31, 2006


Just back from a long weekend visiting Rosemary’s father in rural Lancashire – he has a house backing on to Pendle Hill. We don’t get to see him much as he seems to spend most of his life tracking down performances of Wagner’s Ring throughout the world – I would have thought seeing it once in a lifetime would be sufficient for most people but two or three times a year? Last year I think he caught it’s first all-Australian performance in Tasmania and the Seattle production last August. When he’s not doing that he is off trekking (usually in Scotland, but often further afield) last week he got back from a month in Western Australia. Needless to say there are very few times in the year when our free weekends cross.

The hill walking, pubs and picnics where superb – the girls loved it (including the 100 m of scramble up a steep slope – hands and feet needed – straight after a pub-lunch) The highlight for the girls was a river walk (between ankle and knee deep) up to the local dam The grownups met them at the dam as they wanted to keep dry.

Before visiting we always give him an update on the eating habit is of the family – neither girl eats meat now, the younger will eat some fish but not salmon and the older veggies only; but for convenience we say they both vegetarians. All went well to serving of Salmon en-croute on Saturday night. A sheepish grin and a ‘I think I forgot to pass on a message’.


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