Posted by: Peter Scott | July 11, 2006

Why short commutes are not!

It’s a strange quirk of nature but having moved office last week I’ve out on the road (or rather on the train) a lot in the past few days. I have picked up a non-BI assignment for one of our long term customers in London, it’s not even Oracle (Progress really is not my favourite database) but it is only a two week job and the objectives look clear I should enjoy the work, The other thing that is keeping me from home or office is a small BI consultancy job on the South Coast. I started this last October and wrote my report before Christmas and yesterday the customer got back to us to invite us to discuss next steps. Still it might be nice to go to the seaside in summer for a face to face meeting.

In fact, the customer said some nice things about me and the quality of my work (“knowledgeable and professional”) and coupled with the good things I have been reading about me on the internet here and there I might even come to believe my own press and become conceited, big headed and start to assume I have become a DBA or own a cauldron.

Finally, congratulations and best wishes to the Litchfield family



  1. 😉

    I wouldn’t want to be demoted from Consultant to DBA!

  2. Thank You Pete, that’s really kind.

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