Posted by: Peter Scott | June 21, 2006

Bird watching

Just outside of my office window is a small pond. At this time of the year moorhens and their young drift up and down between the reeds. It’s an idyllic distraction from actually thinking about.. well even just from thinking. I must make the most of this view as next week I move my desk to far end of our building.

I had hoped to be in my new office by now but I have now been caught in a logistic logjam; I have to wait for yet another building to be refurbished before the current occupants of my designated space can move out and I can move in. In the meantime most of the others based in my building have already left leaving part of my team and 8 others. Facilities want us all to move into the smaller open plan area so that their crew can start to strip the building. Walking the office is a bit like boarding the Mary Celeste. Let’s hope it is not the Flying Dutchman or I’ll never get to my new office.


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