Posted by: Peter Scott | June 19, 2006


In these days of soft fruit travelling greater distances than most humans there is no such thing as ‘seasonal fruit’; most fruit is in season (either in fields or under glass) somewhere in the world on any day.  But that first strawberry picked from your own garden always has the best taste. This weekend I found our first strawberry of the year was about 1 day away from optimum ripeness. However an observant blackbird also notices and had a taste for al dente fruit. Still half a strawberry is better than none, well actually a quarter-strawberry by the time it was trimmed and shared with my wife; it was worth having though, that sweet-tart taste and the juiciness.

Breakfast reading
This morning I again noticed the headline ‘Frank Cooper’s fine cut’ – just why do I find that marmalade label so amusing?


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