Posted by: Peter Scott | June 1, 2006

Grumpy old men

Apart from the title of a British TV series where a set of aged celebrities (probably marginally older than me) pontificate with humour about how much better life was back then; was to be the title yesterday’s non-technical blog about the joys of a 15 year old daughter arranging a lack-of-sleepover at my house for mid-week. I was going to complain about the necessity of watching the complete works of Pixar and Dreamworks (very loudly) between 6 in the evening and 8 the following morning. I thought better of posting it so wrote about BI Suite instead.

It’s a good job I kept the title ‘Today I have been mainly grumpy” for today. I have been up since 1 am this morning with an acute middle-ear infection and hence have felt “rubbish” all day; in fact, so bad that I had to visit the doctor (apparently) for the first time since Jan 2001. Currently, I have head that feels as if been gouged by large knitting needles, I can’t look down with pain and worst still I have taken my first sick day in eight years – that record even impressed our contractors (no show, no pay)! Of course having seen me for the first time in years my doctor reminded me of all the checkups I should have had and promptly arranged for blood tests and other forms of torture not related to my condition. As my wife would say, men have the resilience of jelly (or for the majority of my readers in the USA, Jello) and can not put up with a modicum of pain – I guess she has a point there.

Still with the antibiotics, the pain killers and the steam inhalers I should make a full recovery early next week. My fault for deciding to skip working out at the gym and to go swimming instead. I hate water but if I don’t get some practice in before the summer I would not be able to participate with the kids in the summer break. My sub-aqua friends and (perhaps fellow readers) will tell me that it was all my own fault for going in the water to soon after a minor chill.

Yours Grumpily



  1. Bugger! Get well soon.–>

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