Posted by: Peter Scott | May 16, 2006

The cult of celebrity

I went to school with celebrities: film stars, academics, writers, high profile politicians and so on. Somehow, I always felt slightly inadequate that I was not Emma Thompson (bet she doesn’t remember me! – she's 4 years younger than me too) or a professor of molecular genetics at a London teaching hospital (he does remember me, we still have a beer or two on occasion), I even on occasion think that being a senior lecturer in statistics at Cambridge University would be cool. It might even be cool to be an Oracle expert.

But today, I think I have made it. At the UK OUG BI special meeting I acquired a stalker! – And no, Tom, she did not spill water on me, I guess the wine was too precious to waste on my clothes. (Sorry Lisa)



  1. Hmmmmm.

    At least you used my ‘official’ photograph, and not the one you took at the event!!

    But I still don’t think I was the one doing the stalking……

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