Posted by: Peter Scott | May 15, 2006

UKOUG BI Special Event (Tuesday)

Off to London tomorrow for the UKOUG BI Special Event – so look out for the guy in the blue jacket, I just might say hello. If I get time tomorrow night I will try to blog about the meeting, otherwise I might put something up on Thursday. From the agenda it looks it will be an interesting day, and, for me, good timing as I am to present on BI tool selection at my company’s European BI architects’ meeting in Amsterdam on Wednesday.

Regular readers of the blog may have picked up that I slipped into my second half-century a while back (but having my own teeth and hair still gives me a youthful look) That means it has been a long time since I left school, way over 30 years in fact. So getting email from three old school-friends over the weekend was a somewhat amazing thing. But, as I have remarked before, the planet is a lot smaller than it looks; it is also more fragile than it looks, but that is another post.



  1. ” look out for the guy in the blue jacket”

    Is the Lilac one in the cleaners?

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