Posted by: Peter Scott | April 21, 2006

Spring days

It was a beautiful spring morning as I drove to Oracle in Reading today. I usually take the back roads through the Chiltern Hills as for me this is far quicker than the motorway route. Seeing the red kites hunting above the hills and the beech woods bursting into colour sets me up nicely for the day, even Reading’s traffic jams evaporated. Some days the world just looks too good.



  1. We saw a group of three or four red kites low over the M40 in the Stokenchurch gap the other day. They looked fantastic in the evening sun. And I’m enjoying pheasants and hares every morning on my East Anglian commute. Working in the smoke – who needs it?

  2. One of the car games we play with the kids on long drives through the praries is to count the birds of prey sitting on the fence and utility poles. With the flatness of the terrain east of here you’re pretty much guaranteed to see them every three or four poles. To the northwest of us in (the real) South Park you practically can’t move for the dratted things — eagles, hawks, vultures — they’re like flying rats!

    Just this Saturday, by the way, we were playing trivial pursuit with some friends and I mentioned Golden Eagles — one of my friends immediatly slapped his thigh and laughed, and did a sort-of mime of a solid metal bird crashing into the ground (not easy to pull off, I must admit). Then everyone in the room gently pointed out to him that a Golden Eagle is actually a real bird species and not a slip of the tongue. I blame the education system myself.

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