Posted by: Peter Scott | March 30, 2006

Office move

In all of my working life I have never lived and worked in the same city, true I always tried to minimise my daily commute but working in the computer service industry there is always going to be some travel. But this will change in the summer when my office relocates to a five minute drive (or more likely a 15 minute bike ride from my house) I could even walk to work!

The only downside to the move is that I have to have a new direct dial phone number, because the new office is a different area code region the Telco would not let us move the number and as my current office is closing we can’t leave our VoIP phone switch behind to reroute the calls. Still with the wonders of technology, I have already been allocated and can use my new number in the old office, now to get people to use it.

As a small side question – why are location moves, title changes, or phone number changes announced just after you get a new set of business cards printed?



  1. Simple Karma:)

    Its like…going out and buying something… then JUST after the time where you can get past the point where the company will price match it goes on clearance 🙂

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