Posted by: Peter Scott | March 17, 2006

Where do I live?

In a strange fit of generosity I have bought my wife a brand new car. In the UK there is a requirement to pay road tax. To obtain this you must show your car insurance certificate to prove you hold at least the minimum amount of insurance at the time you pay the tax. This means for new cars you have to find out the new license plate number, speak to your insurance company to get a new insurance certificate showing the new license details on it, then take the new certificate to the car showroom so they can finish registering and taxing the car – sounds complex, but it should only take a day or so to get the documents together. Unless you use my insurance company.

I find out the license plate detail and ring my insurance company. I key ‘1’ to get through to that bit of the company that deals with new car details. I give my policy number. For security reasons I have to confirm the first line of my address and a couple of memorable bits and bobs. I give the details of the new car. They tell me I’ll get a refund as the new car is less to insure (I don’t really understand why a brand new car is cheaper to insure that ten-year old one, but that’s not important now). They will send the cheque and the certificate separately. The next day I get the money but no certificate so I ring again.
Can any one think why they sent the certificate to my old house in Reading, especially since I left there 5 years ago? It’s not as if they did not know my address.



  1. Ahhhh…. If only the retailer could have done the same with the infamous “lilac suit” you would have avoided that whole mess! 🙂

    Hope you’re well Pete!

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