Posted by: Peter Scott | March 3, 2006


Synchronicity? Was a one word question posed by Mathew Butler as part of a response to my recent ITL deadlocks postings.
I agree it seems positively spooky how you come across things going on it other parts of the world (and not always that far from home) that have a direct relevance to something you are currently doing, thinking, reading or writing. Sometimes I write a piece for this Blog, thinking this is something new and worth saying and I find that someone else publishes something on the same topic at almost the same time; neither of us being aware of the other’s work until it was published.
This weekend I was going to write a piece on Generous Living – but it would seem that Nicholas Goodman beat me to it. Now that is synchronicity!

I am thinking of rewriting the ‘about me’ notes to the right of this screen. I still think I’ll leave out where I work as it is not directly relevant to my writing and although this Blog is permitted by my employers my opinions are mine (and sometimes mine alone) Some of my loyal readers know where I work and could vouch that I do not always toe a company line



  1. Hey… that’s excellent. Thoughts of gratitude in sync!–>

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