Posted by: Peter Scott | February 8, 2006

Wembley beckons (not data warehouses.. again!)

One of my teams is based in an office in Epsom, a small town (some might say suburb) to the South of London. I try to visit them about twice a month to do “manager-y” things such as staff reviews and to be seen “on the ground”. To be honest Epsom is a bit of a trek for me as I either have travel through London by train or endure a nightmare car journey past two major airports and across 25% or so of the major roads into London.

Although our office is only on the fourth floor (that’s high rise for Epsom) we have fantastic views to the North. As I type this I can see the sun glinting off the arch at the new Wembley Stadium some 25 km away. If I had good eyesight I would probably see all those construction workers trying to finish the stadium roof.



  1. it’s not your eyesight Pete…it’s the glare off your lilac suit 😉

    Just kidding mate!

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