Posted by: Peter Scott | December 21, 2005

I do like to be by the seaside

It was a nice day today, bright and that low winter sun we get in England at this time of year and at 11c not too cold; just the kind of day to go to the seaside (in this case Brighton). Not to sit on the beach or even to watch the ‘Burning of the Clocks’ procession in the city centre, but to visit a customer to discuss some significant pieces of BI work for the next year.
The journey to Brighton was amazingly quick, a few minutes longer than two hours to get from my office to the coast, perhaps it’s the school holidays but daytime traffic was very light. It was the first time I used the M1 going south since the fuel depot explosion in Hemel Hempstead a few weeks back (I heard the explosions from my house some 40km North of the depot) today, the stench of partially burnt hydrocarbons was still very apparent from the motorway. The return journey a whole hour longer – such are the joys of British traffic. I think this was my last customer visit of the year – I have a few trips planned for the first two weeks of January but for now I am doing all of those office tasks that seemed to get overlooked in the past few months.


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