Posted by: Peter Scott | December 4, 2005

I suppose I should be working

There are many tasks I should be doing instead of rambling into this Blog – there’s the book chapter I must finish, all of those Christmas letters I need write to my cousins in Canada (strange, we always send each other snail-mail at Christmas perhaps it’s because you can’t really display an email with all of the Christmas cards), and assorted jobs around the house and garden. Perhaps it’s the weather – cold and damp is not good for motivation, cold and sunny is far more appealing to me.
Work is not much better for motivation – I like technical challenge but this time of year it is all budgets, staff appraisals, office relocations and socialising with clients and suppliers, it must have been 10 days since I last used SQL/Plus and I crave a burst of technology. A few more days and all of this year end stuff will be over and then I’ll be back to my typical 60/40 technology/management week split.

Most of the Christmas shopping is out of the way thanks to the internet and especially on-line charities; this year we are giving donations to charity to buy things that help people in need and telling our friends that instead of a physical gift to unwrap hold and discard, we have done something useful on their behalf. I think I will have a warm feeling when I tell my wife’s mother that we bought a goat on her behalf. I do have a few bits of real shopping to do – my youngest daughter needs a new (or right-sized) bike, hopefully this will last her until she leaves home!

Of course, the other reason I get most of my shopping on the internet is that it enforces discipline in the worst of impulse buyers. Last weekend I was at the local supermarket picking up some extra groceries (well really I went to the optician to pick up a new pair of glasses, but the supermarket is next door) and I came away with a new ADSL wireless router-modem! A couple of years ago I was on an internet trial using microwave links across the city – 2Mbs and free of charge. I set up a home wireless network using a Linksys 4-port wireless B router connected into the trial’s cable modem. The trial stopped and I had to move to my telephone provider for DSL which of course meant buying an Ethernet modem, and being frugal, I bought a cheap one that did not really work with Linksys – I had to write Python scripts to telnet to the modem and setup route tables to get things to work. I have now got one box for the whole of my internet connectivity and things are so much easier and the children think it faster too!



  1. It’s funny the amount of other things one ends up doing, rather than writing the book chapter that’s due… I’ve been wrapped up with this for the last few days, rather than getting on with what I should be doing…

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