Posted by: Peter Scott | November 25, 2005

Really random weekend stuff (non technical)

You may have seen on Jeff Moss’s Blog that he has been asked to speak at the UK OUG BI & Reporting SIG meeting at the end of January – and, if you read the comments, that I have been asked to speak too. Officially, I have not said yes yet, but I would love to speak. I just need to come up with a topic. Mark Rittman suggested something on DW design and that sounds good to me. Mark also suggested a design debate, I think I’ll turn that one down it could be too divisive… I remember how that natural versus surrogate key thread ran on the Dizwell forum – even though there may not be a single universal truth it’s surprising how many people think there is (and it’s usually their view!)

The other week I had an electrical failure in my car – a wiring fault took out several circuits. Took the car in to be fixed last week, the garage phoned me a 4:00pm and told me it needed some parts for around £4.00 – that’s less than $10 but the labour charge to fit would £200 pounds; I really needed the car fixed – windows that don’t work are a real pain when you need to pay road tolls – then they told me that the parts would not arrive until the next day so could they kept the car overnight. I rang the garage next day to check progress and found that they got parts from another supplier and fixed it yesterday but forgot to tell me! I picked up the car and although most of the circuits were fixed, one still did not work. So I booked the car in for today and find that they are ‘doing a stock take’ and can not fit any parts today; did they tell me before I drove to the garage? NO… some companies are so joined up!

At last the weather has turned cold – no more grass cutting at weekends!



  1. Hmmmmm… I’ve never been to a UKOUG BI SIG but I’m guessing that they get a group pretty well focused and up to speed on the Oracle stack.

    Perhaps the physical impl benefits of star schema design? How about some tips and tricks (how to model those pesky calendar and fiscal years all in the same dimension table)?

    Whatever you choose I’m sure it will be great; I’m sorry to almost certainly miss it.

  2. Hi Nicholas

    I think that I may be talking at the May meeting – The January one just did not fit to well with my schedule, a lot of paid work for customers (and before our year end) and I am also writing a longish peice on logical design.

    A piece on dates and time sounds like it could be fun, I just might do that – thanks!

    “camiwo” – a minor role played by a major star (or so says Jonathan Ross) Ok – that one is only accessible to UK residents -sorry rest of the world

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