Posted by: Peter Scott | August 22, 2005

Well, I’m back!

Update 24 August

Since returning from Switzerland I have heard that the valleys below Wengen (my hotel location) have been affected by flooding, as has much of Central and Northern Switzerland, Southern Germany and parts of Austria. My sympathy to all affected by the floods and especially to those who lost friends and relations.

As the greatest philosopher-beagle of the 20th Century might have said (that is, if Snoopy was not a cartoon strip character) “I hate mornings”. And I agree! Getting the whole family up for a 7:15 AM flight from London Heathrow is not the least stressful way to start a holiday. The good thing about early flights though is you can beat the traffic – leaving my house around 4:00 it takes 50 minutes to Heathrow, fours later and I could add an hour (or more) to the journey time.

Going out, our trip was perfect – We booked our bags through to our resort destination (no waiting at airport baggage carousels for us), the plane left 10 minutes early, they had the vegetarian food we ordered for my elder daughter, the flight arrived 30 minutes early, all the train connections worked and we were met at our destination by the hotel’s courtesy bus, checked in, went for swim in the pool, then back to the suite and there was our luggage – last seen by us in London

Coming back was almost as good – we hand the bags to the hotel staff at 9:00 with our airline e-tickets and they check them in for us at the station, we leave an hour or so later and travel to Zurich Airport where the check-in staff confirm the bags have arrived and tell us that there is no catering on the flight (an industrial dispute) get refreshment vouchers to use at the airport. I have a strong feeling of déjà vu here as last year we endured the long flight from Vancouver to London with one ham sandwich each (great veggie choice!) when Air Canada also had industrial troubles with caterers. Flight back arrived to time and by the time we travelled from the gate to the baggage hall our bags were on the conveyor belt. We actually drove out of the car park 25 minutes after landing!

Some photos are here:
PatioEiger Trail PanoramaSnow trail

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  1. Welcome back Pete. Great pics, thanks for sharing! Hope you guys had a great time.

  2. Thanks, Bill. We had a great time – only two wet days (if you don’t count the day we came home – and who cares then?) The first wet day was on the Eiger trail, we got soaked about two hours in. One day was too bad to walk so it became a shopping day!

    The high alpine walk was fantastic – 10.5 miles (16KM)in around 5 hours with 2000 feet of climb and knee deep snow in places – the girls managed well!

  3. It could have been a lot worse — Professor Moriaty might have sent a note to separate you from your companions, and then ambushed you by a waterfall.

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