Posted by: Peter Scott | July 23, 2005

Study choice

Perhaps one of the drawbacks of a traditional British education is that children need to make choices so early. My 14 year old has just started the subjects she will take for her exams at 16 and this will probably influence the subjects she will be tested in at 18 before leaving school for university. It is so wrong (in my opinion) to get children to focus on one direction or another so early. As responsible parents we have guided her and got her to think about what she would like to do after school. We even spoke about universities and the types of courses available.

She has just announced where she would like to study next – the University of British Columbia, somewhat of an inspired choice for someone that lives 12 hours flying from Vancouver. Let’s hope it is not based on the basis “that the best mango smoothies in the world” are sold at a booth next to Seabus terminal in downtown Vancouver. Time will tell if she changes her mind.



  1. Would not be the first child to, umm, want to, “get away from home”.

    But maybe you can find out why, and find another alternative that is close. You know, only 6 hours flying time away.

  2. Young minds change – and 4 years is time enough. Still, if she does go I know enough people in that part of the world to keep an eye on her.

  3. As a recent citizen of Vancouver and a lifelong resident of Victoria, BC, I have to say “Good Choice!”. Though, the University of Victoria may be an even better choice. 🙂

  4. Well I like Victoria too!

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