Posted by: Peter Scott | July 14, 2005

Little Angels

To Birmingham (UK) today for a progress meeting with a customer. Sadly, it was one of those get the suit out of the closet days – some customers are so formal (normally it is chinos and open neck shirt in the office unless I am presenting)

Suit fits (my closet is prone to that mysterious gas that causes clothes to shrink!) hey, I’m looking smart today – shoes on, ouch that pinches. Take off shoe, look inside – one of the girls (and I include the wife here) had put a ball of Blu-Tac in the toe – now which one did it…




  1. Are you stalking me?


  2. Why?

  3. [quote]tim said…
    Are you stalking me?


    No, but Don is (see his blog on snap judgements).


  4. pete_s:

    Regarding “Why?”

    hat other reason would you have for coming to Birmingham? Seeing a customer? Filmsy cover story if you ask me 🙂



  5. “hat” should have been “What” 🙂

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