Posted by: Peter Scott | June 19, 2005

I’m having an idle day!

In the UK, as in the USA, it’s Fathers’ Day today. Normally, commercialised greeting card-fests like this leave me, err, coldly cynical. But as today is hot and humid, Rosemary has excused me all chores, and the girls have given me a couple of hilarious books and homemade cards I’ll just wallow in it.

Met up with some old friends at a party yesterday – my best man of 20 years ago and his wife were celebrating a collective 100 year birthday party. Tony and I first met when I left college and took a job in chemistry research, I left the research centre after 7 years and Tony took over my research computing job – he’s CIO (or some such title) now! It was great to meet others that I had not seen in more than 20 years. Definitely worth the 3 hour round trip. I had met with my old boss last summer in Vancouver BC, he is now president of an energy company. After an afternoon in one of the city’s finest micro-brewery pubs I felt ‘unwell’ – moral do not go for a lunchtime drink with a pipe-smoking Norwegian.

More old friends next week as I join a school reunion picnic in London – could be a great laugh or abject misery



  1. Pete – any chance you could put an RSS feed link on this blog?


  2. Tom, there is now a XML link on the right side bar.
    I hope it works….

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for letting those of us, who get tired of registering for web accounts, to post again. You had it that way to begin with, then for a while I couldn’t post, but now it seems that I can again.

  4. Scot

    Great to have you back – I spotted that I changed the anonymous post setting – it’s back to normal now

    As ever, all comments welcome – I just reserve the right to remove the ones that might get me in court!

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