Posted by: Peter Scott | June 11, 2005


If I was marooned on a desert island what music would I take? Or so the premise of a UK radio show goes. Completely bizarre that one! For me to take music with me it would have to be planned, and if it was planned I would not choose a desert island.

In reality, I would find it hard to whittle the list down to ten recordings, my tastes, moods, whatever, vary by day. A list of three is easier: Bach’s Double Violin Concerto (note use of initial caps to please young Dizwell 😉 ) my elder daughter playing jazz and my wife playing Debussy. I am not even sure that all of my records would be music; there are some great speeches, plays and comedy available. Well maybe not comedy – I might turn into my children and acquire their ability (??) to recite whole episodes of the Simpsons. And knowing Norwegian Blue fashion a Monty Python sketch would certainly not help either my sanity or survival skills.

Besides, answering the music question leads to the slippery slope of which books, which figure from history would you take… and ever less meaningless questions such as ‘If you were someone else who would you be?’



  1. I have no problem with initcaps for the titles of pieces. It’s when they’re applied to words people/characters are supposed to say that I have a major problem!

    Hence, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. But no way, “If We Offend, It Is With Our Goodwill”. That Double Violin Concerto (good choice) passes muster by the same test.

    Another game to play, by the way, but one a little more morbid, is to plan the music for your funeral. Currently, mine is expected to take slightly over 3 hours! But at least I don’t have to worry about what books I’ll be taking. 🙂


  2. Wonderful thought – I could take any music I liked, and since it is a desert island I could actually listen to it without interruption!

    So where do I sign up? ;-D

  3. Howard – my wife’s late piano teacher did just that for her funeral/memorial one hour of record and almost two of performance.
    Not got around to planning my departure yet. About 20 years ago my wife and I chose an eclectic selection for our wedding; not every one was comfortable with Messian, Karg-Elert and Widor but we enjoyed every bar and it was our event!

    Bill- why sign-up? just get your music together and create a virtual island of your own

  4. Peter,

    Tough to do with 3 kids. Except at work – but then, tough to do with a boss and 3 co-workers ;-D

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