Posted by: Peter Scott | June 6, 2005

A clean start

On Friday the new washing machine was delivered. So, as soon as I got home form the office it was… levelling and pushing the machine under the countertop followed by general crawling around on the floor connecting pipes and cables to water, drainage and electricity. I am not a natural handyman (my wife reminds me that I once broke a hammer putting up wallpaper!) but job done, working machine in place. The rest of the weekend was catching up on laundry…

…and checking up on one my teams in their efforts to re-summarise a retail data warehouse for a customer…

…and trying to convince a family of honey bees that nesting in one of our compost bins was not a good idea.

Some of my loyal readers may have heard that I am thinking of writing a book on data warehousing, and perhaps more specifically on ETL. The downside of this is that my pseudonymity goes out of the window as no publisher would contemplate putting a book out by “Pete_S” My employers are broadly supportive provided they are credited with providing me employment (unless of course the books is rubbish, in which case they disown me!)

The questions are 1) do I relinquish my pseudonym and assume a ‘more responsible’ approach to writing and 2) do I put pen to paper (OK, not a real pen or even real paper) to turn out a minority interest book (which won’t be as good as Mark Rittman’s (if he writes it)) Any views?



  1. Pete, why are you worried about your pseudonimity? You can always create another pseudonym, right? ;-D

    Write the book. Who can say if Mark’s book will be better? OK, maybe it will be, but you will never know how good YOURS is if you don’t write it.
    And you’ve got a bunch of folks out here who are waiting…..

  2. my wife reminds me that I once broke a hammer putting up wallpaper!

    I’m dying to know how that happened.

  3. Well Jeff, it was not really wallpaper, it was ceiling paper (white textured paper to hide cracks) – do you have that in the US? It was not too long after we started out together (mid 80s)We had an old house in downtown Reading (UK) the kitchen needed a face lift and one of the task was to cover the shabby ceiling with paper to hide the many cracks. The ceiling was quite low; I could reach it with outstretched arms. So paste on paper, lift to ceiling, spread out paper, and smooth down. Then all paste soaked into ceiling paper dropped on to head pickup hammer and throw on floor in anger, handle breaks. Wife never forgets.

    Guess the story is funnier as one line!

  4. Ah, makes perfect sense now.

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