Posted by: Peter Scott | May 2, 2005

Not exceptions

I was going to post a piece on exceptions and data cleansing but it looks like several others have beaten me to it. Still if you are seeking my muse on this topic, there are a few odd postings out there on various blogs.

One of the reasons I have been stunned into cyber-silence these past few days was that is was a holiday weekend here in the UK and it also coincided with my wife’s birthday. So a weekend away was called for. So the four of us (when will the kids be old enough to leave behind?) took off to a pleasant hotel in rural Worcestershire for a weekend of sightseeing, hill-walking, swimming and movie going. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy opened this week in the UK and having been brought up on the books and the original radio series decided that the kids need to be introduced to the seminal work of English literature that made their father into the man he is…. or something like that. The other treat for my wife was a chocolate factory tour; I hate most chocolate: there was that factory in the Pyrenees that made the most bitter of dark chocolates and last Christmas I visited an old school friend in Basle where she introduced me to chilli and curry flavoured chocolates, but most commercial chocs leave me wondering "why"

Finally congratulations to Mark Rittman for identifying me!



  1. Ever tried adding chocolate to chili con carne? That’s a great mix. adds a certain joony-say-kwar.

  2. Chocolate was a great Aztec favourite – I think it was used a lot with the spicy food – it was the Spanish who added sugar to appeal to Europeans (see I read the boards at the exhibition)

  3. I’m barbecuing this evening — I wonder what a chocolate burger would be like? just a sprinkling on top, then let it melt …–>

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