Posted by: Peter Scott | April 24, 2005

I’ve got a new bicycle!

Rosemary has bought me a new bike as an early 50th birthday present – I promise I won't ride again for another couple of weeks!

My previous machine was a man's tourer – it cost quite a bit in those days and was a dream to ride, 10 gears and a lightweight frame. We covered a few miles in our time together – up to 200 miles a day once (when I was fitter than I am now) But the bike never really recovered from the day I rode it into the back of a parked armoured car! I got a bit dented too! It (the bike) still works but clunks a bit.

The new machine is sleek, black and has those hybrid tyres halfway between true mountain bike and old fashioned racing bike. The 21 gears are a dream, as I found out on the way home from the bike shop – it was easy to ride at over 20mph.



  1. Milton Keynes — the cyclists paradise. True or false? I t always seemed to be pretty amenable to the velocipedaly propelled.

  2. Well, today’s the day when I can ride the bike without the feeling of cheating by opening my presents early.

    David – paradise if you mean I get from one end of the city to another with riding on the same roads as cars, but I somehow doubt that the great Italian painters would have pictured on the ceiling of a Tuscan church

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