Posted by: Peter Scott | April 20, 2005

Too old?

Some days I think I am getting old….
Wednesdays after work we get together for a basketball game (OK – I live in England and was born here, but I still play it!)

Tonight it was three on three full court for 45 minutes non-stop, and am @~';##ed (or more politely, tired) Perhaps hitting 50 in a few days in an excuse to stop, or perhaps I am just tired of getting hit in the face with a basket ball!

Still it's strangely democratic to let bosses (like me) get beaten up by their staff on the court. If I am not out there taking it they might let loose in the office




  1. Full court is too long for only 3 people per team. NBA plays 5 on a team, and they play 4 quarters of 12 minutes each. So you are basically playing a full length NBA game with 60% of the people.

    And I doubt you stop for TV Timeouts every few minutes. Nor do you probably have a team trainer give you a massage at halftime.

    Try half court? More basketball, less throwing it down to the other end, and less sheer running wind sprints for the sake of running.

  2. Scot – it was three on 4 tonight ….

    We, the 4, lost.

    You’re right too much running – you are one passing the ball around the defence they get the ball and you have to run back to your zone before they get there… yuk

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