Posted by: Peter Scott | April 15, 2005


More baby fish….
A few years ago my older daughter was desperate for a pet. She is also allergic to the majority of those cute furry things with legs so we went for tropical fish, even though I might have preferred a tank of trout, salmon or halibut!
Well we managed to set up a tank of neon tetras without being noticed and hoped that was that. Fish die or ours did. After a while we restocked, this time with three female mollies.
Molly are live bearers and one of our fish was pregnant; and some of the babies were boys.
Over the years the fish have moved house with us (have you ever driven to a new city with a bucket of fish in the front footwell?) and put up with at least one hot summer – it's hard to get enough oxygen in the water when it is hot. Fish numbers dropped from a peak 30 (from the original three) to 4 a couple of years ago when the kids were at scout camp, my wife trekking in the Borneo jungle and me in charge of the house and the peak of summer. Still we had a male left and now numbers have gone back up to 16, opps 17.


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