Posted by: Peter Scott | June 30, 2007

Should I go on…

Some days I become very despondent about blogging. At the moment I get about 300-500 spam posts per day and only about 150 readers. True, my search stats show that people find posts on some really important topics in data warehouse design, especially on getting high performance from Oracle data warehouses by using partitioning, materialized views and query re-write; others arrive here to read up on gelatine and pigs. So, some people must appreciate the content and quirky style

Working for a consultancy often puts limits the subjects I can feel that I can write about – I can’t talk in detail about current projects, I can’t mention customers by name and I must keep vendor briefings from our partners confidential. And a lot of my time is spent dealing with staff so, again, not to much I can share there. For example this week two days were spent on staff meetings (and 800km on the road to visit them) two days on designing a new data warehouse and the rest on a small technology refresh project. But the only thing that came out of this week that was technical and remotely interesting to potential readers was a corrupted listener.ora file, and believe me, it was not that interesting!

The other thing that has blocked the muse is the need to keep the garden tidy for tomorrow’s (Sunday 1st July) open garden. If you are around my neck of the woods and you manage to avoid the expected rain then pop round and fork out a little money to view six gardens in my village (and the money goes to good causes)

Maybe, next week is a better week to write.

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  1. Without a doubt, keep going. Your community needs you.

  2. It would be a terrible loss if you stopped blogging. Yes, there are plenty of Oracle blogs, but very few are about data warehousing and dive into depth you have. So, please keep going.

  3. Hi.

    Don’t feel pressured to write to a deadline. Rather than quitting, just write when you want to.

    Regarding spams, can you install Spam Karma 2 on your site. It works pretty well for me.



  4. Hi Pete

    Completely agree with Tim (apart from the fact you are hosted WordPress so you can’t actually install SpamKarma).

    Continue to focus on quality not quantity and don’t be afraid of radio silence or ‘one-hit wonders’ from Google.


  5. Pete,

    It happens to us all. What’s the point of blogging except when you’ve got something to say and feel like saying it?

    Having said that, I might recommend the purchase of a few cuddly toys. That usually helps. It’s quite good for your blogging frequency too ;-)


  6. Hi Pete,

    Don’t give up! You’re right, blogging as a consultant poses challenges –> what’s safe to say, wanting to contribute to the community yet needing to hold your clients’ trust, time constraints, you name it. And sometimes the muse just isn’t there.

    I hope you choose to continue, at whatever pace makes sense for you. You’ll know when you have something interesting to say — and it doesn’t always have to be technical (gardens are interesting too).

  7. [...] And, finally back in the Oracle realm, I’m sure I speak for many when I say Yes please, Pete. [...]

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