Posted by: Peter Scott | June 1, 2007

A Miracle – I’m home

I made a deliberate decision to go low tech for the Miracle Database forum in Edinburgh; mobile phone off most of the time (so that’s why I missed the invite to a drink in the pub with Mark Rittman), no laptop so no blogging (but I did borrow one to check that no blog spam had made it past the spam filter). This unwired presence (my acoustic set?) meant that I could devote my whole energy to listening to the excellent speakers and trying to understand what was going on. I don’t intend to blog on the technical content of the meeting, snippets may appear in random future blogs to support whatever point I am trying to make at the time. But here a few non-technical observations.

  • You always learn something new from Jonathan Lewis: and this time it was that we share the same ironing board. Well not physically the same one, that would be impractical as we live a fair distance apart, but we both own identical vintage Beldray Invincible boards, even recovered in the same replacement cover material The fact that Jonathan and I use the same tools is greatly reassuring.
  • Graham Wood’s use of whisky to illustrate Oracle features mercifully stopped before he got to undo and archive logging.
  • It’s a strange truth but the shorter the journey the more likely you are to be late. Perhaps familiarity with a town, it’s roads and congestion (and sadly, Edinburgh has a lot of congestion) leads to a false sense of what can be achieved in a given time. But it was highly noticeable that Doug Burns’ attempt to swell his audience by inviting his boys along failed dismally as Flatcat and Alex did not arrive until after Doug finished his talk. Maybe the boys were there all of the time but visiting a sponsor’s display. I think Alex must like his new home in Edinburgh, after all Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde had local connection and I suspect that fits the Alex / Pierre personality.
  • Few of the kilt wearers at the conference dinner were Scottish. I made a token effort by wearing the family tartan (but not a kilt)
  • It rains in Edinburgh (and very hard at times)

Here is one not-so-local conference speaker on the Castle battlements moaning about the airline’s loss of his luggage

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  1. Hi Pete

    Good to see you after the last couple of days. Bizarrely, I’m back home now – I’ve come down with something nasty that involves me having to go to the doctors this evening, and lay off the drink – not ideal for a Whisky adventure….

    catch up with you soon


  2. pt was good to see you again Pete.
    pity that Mark didn’t make it to the whiskey adventure trip. The distillery was nice, nature around is charming and the hotel was simply fantastic — one of a kind.

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