Posted by: Peter Scott | March 29, 2007

Holiday writings

Doug Burns is wearing his Pythian hat as he writes about the art of communication for DBAs. Cleverly, he avoids the word developer in his list of people to communicate with ;-) but in reality what he says holds true for DBAs, developers and that hybrid between the two that certainly exists but is often not acknowledged in polite company. Without good, clear and adequate communication things go wrong by omission and assumption. But communication is a two-way street, or at least it is for good communicators, how else do they know that the message was received and understood. So Doug, if you leave notes for Alex, expect to get feedback notes in return.

As this post title indicates, I’m taking a couple of days off this week (note to burglars: I am home) mainly to use up my remaining leave from last year before the company takes it away from me. Full of good intents I set about thinking of a paper for UKOUG 07 in December, that sounds a long way off but abstract submissions open in April – which starts this weekend! I am also thinking about an invitation to present on Analytic functions at SIG meeting in April – part of me is very flattered to be invited but another part thinks that presentation may not be quite right for the likely audience. However other activities intervened (shopping, jobs about the house and more than a normal number of meetings that I had to attend) and what should have been a while for reflection turned into activity.

On the theme of meetings, others have mentioned the forthcoming meeting in Amsterdam for the EMEA Oracle users. For those that share my BI interest there is a solid two-day BI and DW stream plus a host of other presentations that would seriously interest the data warehouse types. But if your BI vent is perhaps aligned to Microsoft there is the first Microsoft BI conference in Seattle running about one week later (you could do both…) I would love to visit Seattle again, but somehow doubt I will have the chance this year.

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