Posted by: Peter Scott | October 9, 2006

Oracle buy Sunopsis

Oracle’s spending spree continues with the purchase of Sunopsis, a leading vendor in the data integration space. Sunopsis has two main products Data Conductor, an ETL tool, and Active Integration Platform, a piece of middleware that can bridge disparate data sources found within an organisation; interestingly this product can work in three modes, event driven, service orientated or data driven.

Superficially, you could ask what does Sunopsis bring to the party that Oracle did not already have with Warehouse Builder – both OWB and Sunopsis Data Conductor have a similar approach in that the transform & load are pushed to the target database i.e. not using a dedicated ETL hub to effect the load and transform process. But one area where Sunopsis scores highly is that is seen to interwork with a wide range of enterprise database targets, native connectors exist for IBM DB2, Teradata, Netezza, Sybase IQ, MS SQL Server, and others. True, OWB 10.2 has come on a lot in terms of interoperation but it is a new release and common perception has it that it only works with Oracle targets.

In these days of merger and acquisition and even the refresh of legacy solutions it very common to find businesses with a mixed IT architecture, gluing this mixture together, either through common masterdata, or via on-the-fly application to application mappings is a vital tool in most enterprises

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  1. Hmmm, very interesting. Another brick on the wall, perhaps. But an important one: this problem of “glueing” together disparate architectures is becoming more and more important.
    Clearly the strategy of “assimilate everything into one platform” can’t work, so this is an interesting development.

  2. [...] Of course whilst I’ve been gallivanting around Europe doing my BI seminars,the news came out from Redwood Shores earlier this week that Oracle had bought Sunopsis, an ETL tool vendor that probably most people wouldn’t have heard ofuntil this announcement was made. Sunopsis, as Peter Scott points out, sell two products that operate within the data integration space; “Data Conductor“, an ETL tool, and “Active Integration Platform”, middleware that bridges disparate datasources in either data driven, event driven or service-orientated mode. Interestingly, like Oracle Warehouse Builder, Sunopsis take an “Extract, Load andTransform“ approach to data movement where they extract data out of the source system, load it on to the target database and then transform it, using native SQL commands on the target system. [...]

  3. [...] Scott on Pete-s random notes has a couple things to say about it. In the first piece, that Sunopsis’s products will play a key role in Oracle’s placement of its offerings [...]

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