Posted by: Peter Scott | August 4, 2006

Well done

I see that Tim Hall‘s efforts at being the martial arts and film critic to the Oracle community (OK, he writes good technical stuff too) have been recognised and rightly so! Tim is what is known here abouts as a good bloke (or is that nice chap?) Well done!

And talking of well done, Doug Burns has been busy blog-trotting and turning out a commendable effort for edition 4 of Log Buffer.

Me… not doing too much, up to London for a breakfast meeting with a customer to discuss a (non DW) project then back to office and end up helping on the tail end of a resummarisation project for a customer – well done my team for rebuilding 2.5TB of summaries in less that 2.5 days. Foolishly I volunteer to collect histograms on some 8000 partitions, guess who got a ‘can’t extend index on a sys object error’ and not being a DBA I had to pass that on to the DBA team – it’s a great life not having the passwords that do serious damage to production systems

Three well dones in one post means I must be going soft – well perhaps less stressed then earlier this week.

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  1. Well done Pete for being less stressed. That’s an achievement by itself :)

  2. Thankyou. You are a gentlemen and a scholar. :)



  3. [...] we join Pete-s random notes in congratulating Tim Hall on his Oracle ACE of the Year award. People like Tim deserve a lot of recognition for the help they [...]

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